• UATV-TECH low engagement primary spring 1,650 engagement (nominal) models 800&1000 up to 2017 only all others use Maverick kit Except 800

    $39.99 $35.99

    UATV-TECH Low Engagement Primary Clutch Spring

    Engagement speed is Nominal 1,650 RPM vs OEM of 1,850 t0 1,950    "WITH NO NOTICEABLE in PERFORMANCE, WOT or RPM"

    Smoother starts and acceleration with less Secondary "Clunk"

    Loading and unloading a trailer is accomplished with less jerk and more controlled speed.

    Reverse speed easier to control

    Less down stream driveline shock and early wear

    Rock Crawling & Technical Trails easier on the Drive Line & YOU !!

    NOTE! 2018 & up 1000 Commander, order Maverick low engagement spring kit. Mav style clutch is used on thiese models. 18 & up 800 OK

    Order std spring for all ATV models.