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Feedback from the Clutch Loc Up Mod that Bollax did for me... I have since put about three hundred miles on the clutch modification to include the sealed one-way bearings. I have noticed a significant improvement the performance of the bike... One thing it did highlight after the upgrade was that the suspension in my XT is garbage... The damn thing bottoms out too quickly now from acceleration... Need to upgrade that too... lol. Last weekend while doing some other work, I decided to take the clutch back out again to see if there were any concerns. I am happy to report that everything is working as designed and am very happy with the results.. Thanks!!

My hats off to Troy and Bollax for coming up with this simple modification that adds additional performance and reliability... The shifting is also so much easier compared to what I had experienced prior to the upgrade.

I hope you get well soon Troy !!! 
Thanks Again!
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Just came inside from my first run with a "locked up primary" and cant help but smile.  The entire process is simple, fast, and well worth the money.  My rear springs need to be raised a notch or two as the rear squats pretty hard.  What a great problem to now have.  I tested mine in low first and took it easy for a minute or two to let the belt warm up.  What i noticed right away was shifting was almost too easy. Upon take off what you have is a machine that is consistent and predictable all the way through the power band.  This is going to really benefit me as a trail rider that navigates tight trails.   The accelleration  is night and day  different. The machine keeps me pinned in the seat.  Not much more to say other than get it done. U can spend a couple hundred now or a few hundred later this year  on blown belts and still have a mediocre clutch setup.....thanks a million Ed for your time and ultra fast turn around. I wish you nothing but the best in the future with your patented clutch modification.

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Thanks again for your OUTSTANDING customer service and super fast turnaround time! Thanks also to Troy for all his R&D on this Mod. After having the Lock Up Mod installed for the past couple of weeks I can honestly say, without question, it is a must do in my book. Best money I have spent so far on my machine and I have spent ALOT!! Lol! It just simply works... period! and works well at that. Smooth shifting...no slipping ... and all available power to the ground.. 

To anyone on the fence about getting the Mod done, I say make the move and git r done. Like ED had told me prior to shipping my clutch to him " You will NOT be disappointed".

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Ed - Thank You for the awesome turn around time on the clutch mod. Wow!!! It's insane the difference it made from a dead stop. I can't wait to get some actual trail riding time this weekend. Probably the best mod for the money. My hats off to you and Troy.

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First off I have no interest in ed/troys dealings I'm just a normal buyer and like firemoore and Anderson 4x4 I have decided to give a full review. It can be summed up in a few seconds by just saying d@mn. Instantly noticed the clutch grab the belt quicker and harder. I did hear the dreaded can am clunk in there once in a while so mine isn't totally cured. Secondary would fix that not the primary's fault. I have a holz racing clutch kit running. 28 terms at. 44 lbs each. I put. 4 0 miles on it today. New Mav belt with fresh one way service. Get and use bollax sealed bearings they are awesome. Engine braking is even better. I'm a fan no doubt. Best money I've spent on this money pit. You can feel the power and acceleration so much more. So much response dang I had no idea what I was missing. It doesn't matter if ur in regular low or high or sport low or sport high I have more power to the ground I'm a fan no doubt. I think it's a solid idea and I know the guys behind it are gonna take care of us so guys get off ur couch n get the clutch off n send it in. Takes 15 mins Troy ed chime in and let the folks know they can count in u guys for great products and support. Stand up guys giving us fun at a good price. I mean for some blue halos I almost paid what I got the clutch mod done. Those are just dumb led lights lol. Now I didn't drive my rig the last few mins. My cousin did who has a limited 1000 n he was grinning so either he was digging it or already tore it up lol either way ed/Troy will be there for us. Thanks guys

Also, guys that like climbing hills...  you stay in the power and put it to the ground so much better with the mod..its awesome to say the least

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You are The Clutch Man!
You got my Clutch on Tuesday, you did the OEM Upgrade, got it back in the mail and with two day shipping return, I will get it back in Louisiana on Thursday!
Forum members, it doesn't get better than that, for service!

Thank You!
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I got mine installed last night and had a chance to ride it a little tonight before I loaded to go riding in the morning.

All I can say is WOW!!! It is absolutely amazing how hard it pulls now. When I talked to Troy yesterday he explained how it would set you back in the seat and he wasn't lying. In High with the sport on it grabs and goes. As Jason mentioned it squats the rear end pretty good. 

I also installed a switch-less sport low at the same time I did the clutch. You better hold on with it in low and the sport mode on... I was on my concrete drive and from a dead stop mashed the pedal all the way to the floor and HOLY S*?$!!! The rear set down and it felt as it load was taken off the front end. Didn't pull tires off the ground but it defiantly unloaded the springs. I'm going to move my bump stops up on the rear to see actually how much it squats the rear.

I can't wait to ride the next couple of days!!!! Thanks Troy and Ed for such a great modification.

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First and foremost a big shot out to Ed and Troy for their dedication to the project and time/money that went into solving the 50% power commander primary. 

I shipped my clutch to Ed in California from my home in Ohio on a Monday and received it back on my doorstep the following Monday. Shipping via usps was smooth an easy to track and from Ohio to California was only @$12.50 each way. 

The modification:
As the patent process progresses out of respect I will not include any photos of the physical modifications.Make no doubt about it Ed and Troy are both two of the smarter fellas I have ever met. I've been on many other forums including duramax, Harley, glock, firefighting, hunting etc and every forum has its resident gear head gurus, but these guys are legit. The biggest compliment I can pay to this modification is it has the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) design concept nailed perfect. No extra moving parts, no extra bolts, really no weak points in the design or machining. My first impression of this mod when I opened the box was "why didn't I think of that"!

The instructions included were simple and easy to follow. I performed the deluxe one bearing change out to a sealed bearing, used the isoflex grease on the one way bearing springs and replaced the garbage OEM primary bolt with the improved UATV Tech bolt. The instructions are easy to follow, but there are also several good youtube videos out there if this is your first time working on clutches. 

First thing I noticed is that I can now shift gears with 2 fingers, no seriously I am not white knuckled shifting from reverse to forword. I mostly attribute this to the the one way bearing service, but this just underscores the importance of regular clutch maintenance and this clutch mod was a perfect opportunity to perform said maintenance. The second thing I noticed was a very smooth take off and zero excess clutch noise when moving slow. Let me back up and say that I have stacked the Troy/Ed 100% primary lock up clutch mod with a Dalton clutch kit. This clutch kit allowed me to adjust for peak HP at 6800-7300rpm WOT, tuned specifically for my elevation/horsepower and tire weight/diameter. Before the clutch modification I always heard/felt what I thought was a normal squeal when taking off slow, especially backing up. The first time I backed the commander out of the garage after the modification, I realized this is NOT normal and I felt for the first time ever what smooth efficient lockup feels and sounds like. The next thing I noticed is that under heavy footed acceleration my rear end was squating....BAD. Those that know me and have followed my pursuits over the last few years to make the commander handle better know that I have preached the balance of power and handling. I have also learned over the last few years that good suspension is proportional to the vehicle weight, driver riding style, terrain AND available torque/horsepower. And while I don't have a g-force meter I knew right away by the way my rear end was squatting that I was pulling a lot harder. I made a simple one click rear low speed compression adjustment and that took away most all of the heavy acceleration squaring and I was really able to run her had after that. All together I have about 100 miles on the new clutch setup and I can only say great things about the way it performs. The only way I can explain is that it is like having more torque, simply put the skinny pedal makes me go harder and faster when I push it hard now, but having said that when I squeeze her soft she crawls smooth and quite. 

How it works:
I haven't heard Ed or Troy really give this mod a name yet, but I've nicknamed it the 100% primary lockup mod. An OEM primary does not put equal pressure on the belt between the inner and outer primary sheevs. The inner sheev is locked up, but the outer sheev always spun at a different speed/pressure and this was especially apparent under heavy footed acceleration. I nicknamed the OEM setup a 50% lockup primary because the belt only truly receives grip from the inside sheev, and that just isn't good enough as most of us have can am fans have learned.... When I took off my primary, I noticed some excessive scalding on the aluminum governor cup, a bi product of metal on metal friction/spinning. Luckily Ed also noticed this wear and was able to machine it out, lucky for me I caught it in time. 

This modification is NOT a just for guys running huge tires, or racing, this is a common sense budget minded modification that corrects a known can am problem. Stacking a quality clutch kit like a Dalton with this 100% lockup mod will give you a setup as good or better than any primary setup I have every seen. I have spent time in can am sponsored race team pits and they have cv tech clutch setups on the shelf they tried, but didn't like. All the teams I saw needed up running a can am primary, while I never understood this at the time, if I were a betting man I would say they have been running a setup similarly to the Ed Troy 100% lockup, and they just kept it a trade race team secret. As I stated above about this biggest compliment I can pay the two creators of this mod is to say that the design is that "why didn't I think of that" kinda simple engineering. 

Thanks again guys

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