This is the place for you to get the help you are looking for. We have assembled a resource of online guides for working on your CAN-AM clutch.

In many cases the process is identical between the various CAN-AM models because the same clutch is used between them. Please note, these how-to videos are posted by other users, we are just providing easy access to them. Please use your own judgement when using the techniques shown in the videos.


Using an impact is not always a good idea ! The stator is on the other end of the crank and there have been some issues reported here in the past. Use a punch against the back fins to hold it from spinning. (Hammer end of punch against the clutch fins.) The metal skid under the clutch will support the punch, or what ever you can get in there. That should allow you to hold it from turning, use a long breaker bar instead of a ratchet for better leverage.

UATV-TECH Mod Clutch removal & install:

OneWay Bearing Service: 

Thank you AceFire for your great videos!!

Commander Clutch Remove:

2008 Renegade 800 - Remove Primary Clutch:

Blocking the Primary so you can remove outer Sheave:

Removing the Primary Inner Sheave:

To keep from losing those little springs and caps that are inside the shaft of the inner sheave, put a zip-tie up against the one-way assembly to keep it from sliding off. 

Removing the Primary Inner Sheave:

Are you having troubles getting the inner Sheave off?

 If you have removed the oneway bearing and the little rocket springs, you can give it a little heat to help crack it loose from the crank . Put some heat where I put the mark.