• AXLE-STENDERS * MUST INCLUDE! Year, Model, Front or Rear*

    Please specify model year

    effectively extend the overall axle length by .275-.300 Nominal, by Installing the Axle-Stender behind the rear or front axle where it meets the trailing arm or steering knuckle bearing.

    Comes complete with two (2) new extender bushings, special height Castle nuts (2) and (2) new cotter keys. spacer washers if needed.

    This addition is recommended for all Aftermarket & OEM axle installations as well as all Bracket lift installations.

    See Options for adding Super H D Cir-Clips to your order, qualifys for free shipping to lower 48, other destinations, POR

    **************PLease note ! You "MUST"indicate year for proper fitment / size. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ** Caution** Check for bind at full droop before installing front & rear "stenders" No obvious bind then chances are "stenders" are not needed, Front is most obvious.