• 100% OEM clutch Lock Up Modification $239.99-USD Ca- USD

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    This Modification is performed on the customers clutch parts and requires the parts to be shipped to our US location, Works on any Can-Am Commander, Outlander or Renegade Stock OEM Clutch. 

    All Years for All Models using CVT transmission.

    The  mod eliminates all slipping of the belt due to the OEM connection design of the Inner & outer belt sheaves.

    This Mod effectively allows the Transmission to put all of the power to the ground rather that allow a good portion to be lost due to clutch inefficiency.

    The end result can be felt in the drivers seat and all but eliminates early belt wear, belt damage from slipping and loss of belt life from the excessive heat build up in the CVT when the belt is slipping.

    Turn around time is stable at seven (7) Business days excluding Sundays or holidays.

    NOTE: Please see the Shipping Page for instructions to ship your clutch to us.

    USD price includes return shipping and return insurance via USPS priority two (2) day mail.

    It is suggested all those interested request an Information sheet from uatvtech@gmail.com for US & world wide locations and from  all Canadian locations 

    With the modification under US patent protection, and internal in the clutch, photos are not shown, but damage to clutches with out the mod is shown in these photos.