• Gates G-Force C-12 Belt - Carbon

    $129.99 $94.99

    We supply this product specifically for BRP Can-Am Commander, Maverick, Renegade and Outlanders. Fits all 800,650 and 1000 models

    One (1) Full Year Manufacturers Warranty , Warranty instructions on inside of belt sleeve. Do not return to your Dealer

    G-Force® Line, the All-New G-Force® C12® CVT Belt

    Gates Continues to Lead the Way in CVT Belt Innovation, Technology and Development for Today’s Recreational and Utility All-Terrain Equipment With the Latest Addition to the G-Force Line.

    Gates G-Force belts are the first of a new generation of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) belts. Designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques, the latest construction, materials and measuring technology G-Force drive belts are designed for superior fit, performance and durability for today's recreational and utility all-terrain equipment. Identical to OEM, G-Force belts are constructed with double or single cog designs to match the OEM belt. Extreme testing, in controlled environments as well as on race vehicles, has proven the G-Force belt to be high performing and durable, with no clutching adjustments necessary at installation.

    This belt is engineered for drop-in performance, featuring exceptional strength, flexibility, and durability.

    Strength: The first CVT belt utilizing a carbon tensile cord, combining minimal stretch with extraordinary strength.

    Flexibility: High performance neoprene with a trapezoidal top-notch and rounded bottom cog design maximizing heat control and flexibility.

    Durability: Carbon tensile cords are bonded with specially formulated adhesion gum to aramid fiber loaded rubber resulting in increased side-load resistance which prevents belt distortion and edge cord pullout.

    Performance: Carbon tensile cords provide optimal power transmission resulting in faster acceleration, improved throttle response and consistent shifting performance.

    Why Carbon Tensile?

    • Minimal stretch under load results in consistent shifting RPM.

    • Allows for maintaining peak power throughout the shift curve.

    • Wears evenly to reduce belt failure due to edge cord pullout.